Connecting Audiences Worldwide

Connecting Audiences Worldwide

Hear It Your Way: Audeara's International Campaign Connects Audiences Worldwide

Building on last year’s successful expansion into European markets, Audeara is excited to announce the launch of our first international marketing campaign. This initiative, spanning Austria, Hungary, France, Spain, Belgium, Australia, and New Zealand, marks a significant milestone in our international growth journey.

At the heart of our campaign lies a simple yet powerful message: Hear it your way. With a number of global sporting events happening this year, we want people to feel like they have a front-row seat to every moment. This message not only amplifies our current market positioning, but also reinforces our mission of enabling individuals to connect with the sounds they love, their way.

"We're not just selling headphones; Our mission at Audeara is to lead the global conversation around hearing health and connect people to who and what they love.”
— James Fielding, Audeara CEO

The campaign centers around our A-02 TV Bundle as the ultimate at-home-entertainment experience for those not attending sporting events in person. Emphasising inclusivity, we want everyone, with all hearing abilities, to experience every sound at home. This vision has been brought to life through localised campaign videos, images, and languages, to ensure audiences can connect and resonate with the campaign.

We are so proud of the network of clinics selling Audeara globally, who are also committed to helping people on their hearing health journeys. This campaign centers around directing customers to “find their nearest stockist” using our stockist locator page, featuring over 1,049 stockists located across Europe and 1,500 in Australia - and rapidly growing!

By partnering with audiology clinics worldwide, we aim to offer a solution for people of all hearing abilities, including those who aren’t ready for hearing aids, and for people who are existing hearing aid/cochlear implant users who are after an enriched entertainment experience.

Ready to listen like a champion? Audeara's A-02 TV Bundle gives you a front row seat to the action.