Three ways to reduce TV listener fatigue to enhance your listening experience

Three ways to reduce TV listener fatigue to enhance your listening experience

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Picture this: you've settled onto the couch after a long day, ready to dive into the latest episode of your favorite series but instead of feeling entertained, you find yourself battling an overwhelming sense of fatigue—not physical, but auditory. Struggling to hear the TV can cause mental exhaustion and listener fatigue as your brain works harder to distinguish speech (a higher frequency) from background noise.

But you’re not alone, did you know?! 

15% of Australians always use subtitles. The increasing use of subtitles and rising rates of hearing loss are closely linked to listener fatigue. As poor audio quality becomes more common, more people rely on subtitles to understand dialogue. This trend underscores the need to address listener fatigue to enhance comfort and auditory experience while watching TV, gaming, or enjoying movies.

At Audeara, we're committed to enhancing your listening experience. Here are three ways to help reduce listener fatigue:


1. Louder don't mean better

Use the right devices for better sound quality. Try our A-02 TV Bundle which uses your unique hearing profile to amplify specific frequencies enhancing speech understanding without making all sounds uncomfortably loud.

2. Minimise background noise

Create a quieter viewing environment and use active noise cancellation to focus on your favorite show. By connecting your A-02 Headphones directly to our TV Streamer it minimises signal distorting and creates a better, clearer listening experience.

3. Get regular hearing tests

If you struggle to hear conversations with background noise or have been told the TV is too loud - it might be time for a hearing check. Find your local hearing clinic and book in your check up now.



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