Check your hearing.
Personalise your sound.

Audeara Headphones: from $349

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Enhance music, entertainment and communication
by focusing on what really matters – what you can hear.

Personalised Sound

Personalise your headphones and track your hearing over time

Active Noise Cancelling

Reduce background noise and eliminate distractions

Extra Long Battery Life

30+ hours with Bluetooth and Active Noise Cancelling.

Phone Calls and Video Chat

Powerful in built microphone, perfect for phone calls and video chat.


Every person hears differently and
your left ear hears differently to your right.


Your Audeara headphones personalise
the audio to your individual hearing.


Find new parts in your favourite song.
Hear notes you didn’t know were missing.

Registered with the NDIS, HSP or DVA?

You may be eligible to purchase our products using your funding.

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Audeara Companion App

Multiple Profiles

You can store multiple profiles and share with your friends – no two pairs of calibrated headphones will sound the same.

Track Over Time

Test as many times as you like to ensure you’re continually monitoring your hearing health.

Audeara A02 TV Bundle

Pair with Audeara’s TV streamer to enjoy personalised audio from any device!

The TV streamer is part of the Audeara A-02 TV Bundle and can connect two Bluetooth compatible devices, meaning two people can enjoy a tailored listening experience, suited to their hearing needs or preferences.

The streamer connects to any television, sound bar or stereo system and is the perfect way to hear the TV better without disturbing others.

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