Veterans of all ages may experience hearing loss or tinnitus as a result of noise exposure during military service. The Australian Governments, Rehabilitation Appliances Program (RAP) helps eligible veterans and card-holders access a TV or Assisted Listening Device (ALD) to help them hear. 

What is an ALD?

Where there is hearing difficulty, an ALD can be used independently of a hearing aid to help wearers hear better in specific situations. The most common of these is to have a device to hear the telephone, music or television more clearly. Other devices including door bells and smoke alarms help hearing-impaired clients live independently and safely at home.

Hearing aids are not ALDs and are fit through a separate government initiative called the Hearing Services Program (HSP). 


Audeara takes your self-completed hearing result, and tailors the sound of your ALD (headphones) to your exact hearing profile. This can be done via our Audeara App or with your audiologist in-clinic. Your preferences will then be stored in your headphones, so your profile will be there whenever and to whatever, you would like to connect. 

Audeara headphones connect wirelessly to your own device and the BT-01 television transceiver, allowing a seamless listening experience. They may also help to prevent further hearing loss by providing clarity of sound through precision, not an increase in volume.  

Am I eligible?

Your Audiologist can help fit you with an ALD including the Audeara A-01 personalised headphones and BT-01 television transceiver if:

  • They determine a clinical need for these devices; and
  • You are a DVA Gold Card or eligible DVA White Card holder; and
  • You have not been fit with a similar device in the last 3-5 years. 

Your audiologist will be able to process this claim through to DVA on your behalf. To check your eligibility for these services visit or speak to your hearing health care or health provider.

Audeara is a registered provider with the Department of Veteran’s Affairs, the Hearing Services Program and the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).