To cap off Hearing Awareness Week, the Audeara team attended Brisbane Grammar School this morning to discuss hearing health and have students create and explore their own hearing profile.

Grade 5 classes heard James speak about how we hear, the differences between our own ears and others, as well as how we can help protect them and prevent hearing loss.

Students completed their own Audearagram and then were able to look at other hearing profiles including a high-frequency hearing loss. We all discussed the difference and pattern of change that we could see and were then able to play music hear the difference through our Audeara Headphones!

Happy Hearing Awareness week! We are proud to be part of the Audiology and Hearing Health community here in Australia, and love that we were able to share this message and have some fun with the students at Grammar this morning. We look forward to returning next year!

Thankyou to the teachers and amazing staff at Brisbane Grammar School!
Early morning essentials.
Students complete their own self-directed hearing screen in class.