Hear it your way

Experience sound that makes you feel like you have a front-row seat to every moment.

Bringing the stadium experience to your living room

Purposefully designed to improve your listening experience while watching TV from home, the A-02 TV Bundle is the perfect way to feel connected to every moment.

The bundle includes Audeara’s A-02 Headphones which can be tailored to your unique hearing profile, and a TV Streamer to easily stream audio via Bluetooth® from your TV, sound bar or stereo system.

A-02 TV Bundle


Tailor sound to your unique hearing profile

Experience sound tailored to you in three simple steps.

Check your hearing

We all hear differently - even your left ear hears differently to your right. Connect your Audeara headphones to the Audeara app and take a simple hearing check in just minutes.


Find a stockist

Audeara is available in over 1500 audiology clinics across Australia, find your local clinic below.

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