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John Ross watching TV with Audeara headphones

John Ross - how Audeara headphones have reconnected him with m...

John Ross is a hearing aid wearer and Cochlear implant recipient, and also the President of CICADA Queensland, a Not For Profit support group for those with a Hearing Loss and Cochlear Implant an...
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Phillip Adams

Phillip Adams – how our headphones have helped him enjoy TV again

Australian social commentator and broadcaster, Phillip Adams shares his story on how Audeara's headphones have helped him enjoy watching (and hearing) TV again... without subtitles.
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Cochlear recipient Elliot Miller

Audeara headphones help deaf music fans hear everything

Hear from cochlear implant recipient Elliot Miller on how Audeara headphones have helped him connect with a broader range of music.
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Claire Cunningham

Cochlear recipient Claire Cunningham shares her Audeara experi...

Claire is a cochlear implant recipient who uses her Audeara A-01 headphones to get a full musical experience back. Rediscover the joy of listening to what you love. Try Audeara today, stress-free...
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Don Betts

Tinnitus sufferer Don Betts on using Audeara

Playing in bands for more than 40 years, Don suffers from severe tinnitus and hearing loss in his left and right ears. “Quite frankly, I was just blown away...this has just changed my aural exp...
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