Thanks for being here! We are a team of Doctors, Audiologists, Engineers and Musicians based in Brisbane, Australia.

A note from our CEO

We started this journey as junior doctors seeing patients struggle to get hearing tests and in exploring why this was an issue we unlocked a passion to solve an even greater problem. People aren’t aware, we certainly weren’t, of the impacts that hearing loss can have on our lives. Seeing my grandfather refuse to get help as his hearing, and ability to engage with the world around him, declined I decided to leave clinical medicine and do what I could to stop this happening to other families.

We work closely with a network of experienced clinicians and audiology providers to engage with people about the importance of their hearing health. We use the power of music, of entertainment, and connection with loved ones. The first step is providing people with a simple to understand hearing screening that they can perform themselves, in the comfort of their own home. From here the journey moves into ensuring all people can enjoy their music, entertainment and communication regardless of their hearing health which meant ensuring the product can be tuned to their individual wearer.

Audeara headphones work with existing hearing aids and cochlear processors and are suitable for both adult and paediatric use. We are a registered provider through Australia’s Hearing Services Program (HSP), Department of Veteran’s Affairs (DVA) and the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

We want people to embrace assistive technology and get the most from their lives.

Thanks for joining our mission. Dr James Fielding
Founder and CEO