Hearing loss can have a big effect on how we distinguish speech sounds and are able to follow a conversation. As a result, people with hearing loss often struggle in social situations and might keep turning the TV volume up but never gain the clarity they need to understand what is being said. Rapid speech, background music and foreign accents can make this even trickier.

A TV streamer or transceiver is a type of Assisted Listening Device (ALD), which can be used to send the signal directly to a receiver (e.g. hearing aids or headphones).

The Audeara BT-01 transceiver will stream TV sound, wirelessly to your bluetooth headphones. Your personalised Audeara headphones will make adjustments for the sound coming out of your television and provide a listening experience specific to your needs. 

All of this happens without changing how your family hears from the speaker. This means that your headphones work to improve and clarify the sounds you are missing without increasing the volume to a level that it might be damaging, uncomfortable or annoying for others.

A link to our BT01 pairing and set up video is also available here.

Top tips for BT01 success!

  • Use the optical cable! The optical connection allows a split audio signal and volume control, meaning you can change the volume for your listening on the side of your headphones, and your family can control their volume like normal, on the TV!
  • All audio cords/connections need to be plugged into the OUT port from your television, into the IN port on your BT01 transceiver box
  • Your BT01 unit needs to be switched to Tx for Transmit, and to OPT if you are using the optical cord (or AUX if you are using the audio auxiliary cord).
  • If your headphones are paired and your TV is on, you should have a solid blue or green light on your BT01 box. 
  • If you have a smart TV that has bluetooth, we recommend having the TV off while you are pairing your devices. Some TV’s do allow direct connection to your headphones (removing the need for a TV transmitter), however this may cut the sound from the TV speakers. 
  • If sound is not playing through your headphones or on digital channels, check in your settings > audio output > PCM should be ON, and your speaker/sound output should be set to optical or multi audio (to allow sound to play through either the optical connection or two speakers at once). 
  • Set and forget! Once your A01 headphones and BT01 box are paired and streaming,  you do not need to touch your BT01 again. Turning the TV off will cut the power to the box (when powered from the back of the TV). Just remember to charge your headphones regularly and enjoy!

If you have any trouble, you can also search our Knowledge Base and FAQs here. 

Always check your set up against the steps provided above but if you need, give our team a call. We are always happy to help!