NDIS Assistive Technology Purchases

Audeara is a Registered NDIS Provider (provider number: 4050031051). If you are an NDIS participant, you should be able to use your funding to purchase Audeara A-01 Headphones. We are currently registered under assistive technology as hearing equipment, and assistive products for personal care and safety.

Eligible Funding in your budget

Most NDIS plans include an allocation for consumables in their core budget, which consists of approximately $1000. This allocation is for the purchase of low risk items under $500. Thus, you can use this allocation to claim Audeara A-01 Headphones (and a BT-01 Bluetooth Transceiver, if desired)

For some NDIS participants Audeara Headphones can be claimed under your Assistive Technology Budget. This is the case if you have Hearing Equipment specifically written into your plan, often through an allowance for a Television Device for Hearing Assistance, or a Music Device.

How to Claim

If you are choosing to claim under the consumables allocation in your core budget, use the Daily Adaptive Equipment line item. (03_131_0103_1_1).

Self-Managed:If you’re Self-Managed the NDIS will pay you, or your nominee, directly for the supports in your budget. Being Self-Managed allows you to choose any provider, whether they are registered with the NDIS or not.

If you are a Self-Managed NDIS Participant you can order, pay, and submit your claim to the NDIA through the myplace portal. You can choose to do this one of two ways:

  1. You can choose to order your Audeara Headphones online using your own money, then submit your payment request through the NDIS myplace Participant Portal, which will then be reimbursed by the NDIA.
  2. You can request an invoice from us for your chosen item(s), then make a payment request through the NDIS myplace Participant Portal based on this invoice. Once you have received the payment from the NDIA you can order online through our website to purchase your item(s).

Plan Managed: For participants using a Plan Management Provider the NDIS will pay your Plan Manager directly for these supports.

Depending on how you have set up your services with your plan manager they may be able to claim for you through either of the “Self-Managed” processes.

Agency (NDIA) Managed: For agency managed participants the NDIS will pay your support provider directly (in this case, Audeara).

If you are Agency Managed than please fill out the form below. We will work with you to process your service booking and submit a claim directly to the NDIA on your behalf. If the claim is approved we will then process and ship your order to you.

Combination: Your plan may be managed through a combination of these methods, if so please check for the specific support area you intend to claim under. Your plan should state the management strategy for each support area. Once you have determined how the support area is managed please refer to the appropriate section above.

Please contact us through the form below if you:

  • Are Agency Managed
  • Require an invoice
  • Are not sure how your plan is managed
  • Live in Western Australia or the Northern Territory (as there are some restrictions in these regions)
  • Have any questions regarding Audeara and the NDIS
NDIA Managed    Plan Manager Managed    Self Managed