About Us

The world’s first full-fidelity headphones with a built-in hearing test; Audeara is revolutionising the listening experience. Designed by doctors and engineers to deliver your perfect sound, always.

Launched on Kickstarter, Audeara attracted over $100,000 of orders on the first day of its campaign.

Brisbane based doctors, Dr. James Fielding and Dr. Chris Jeffery founded Audeara in 2014 to fill the gap in hearing technology. Seeing first-hand the impact of hearing loss and the significant wait times in the public health system - they wanted to make medical-grade audiograms more accessible. This resulted in the creation of the Audeara A-01s.

The headphones use a software interface from a smartphone application to send bluetooth commands to the onboard printed circuit board (PCB). This allows the headphones themselves to generate tones and maintain consistency across Bluetooth devices. The headphones are calibrated and the profile is used as the baseline for accurate audiogram testing.

After the user performs the audiogram, a modulation table is applied which adjusts all incoming musical signals to the user’s requirements. Meaning the sound is tailored to them. Best of all, this personalisation is stored within the headphones firmware - meaning the tailoring is applied to any sound from any device paired with the A-01s.

With 35 to 65 hours of battery life, Audeara unites high quality audio features like active noise cancelling, Bluetooth, hands free calling and more with their personalisation feature. Which not only creates your perfect sound, but also ensures the user is caring for their hearing health.

“With this technology, we are able to create an enhanced listening experiences for our users,” Dr. Fielding, Audeara founder and CEO, said. “Sometimes the change is enormous, other times it’s subtle, but it’s always there.” “The result is supreme tailored sound like no other headphone out there, that allows users to listen to their favourite music the way the artists intended it.”

“I’ve just spent the whole day, relistening to my entire music library” - Audeara Customer