You asked and we have listened! Introducing our new Audiologist-specific app!

Audeara are proud to partner with clinics to develop products that your clinicians love to fit and your clients love to use!

The new Audeara AudAssist app was designed specifically to support our Audiologist’s and help make programming the Audeara headphones faster and easier, with no client input! A set of Audeara headphones can now be programmed with your clients personal hearing profile in under 2 minutes using an existing clinical audiogram and the direct entry of hearing thresholds. 

This new development will have excellent application to your elderly clients, anyone without a smartphone and to your less tech-inclined or motivated individuals. It ensures your client will get the most out of their Audeara headset without needing to perform their screen and program it themselves!

Our new AudAssist app incorporates these great features:

  1. An improved sound profile.
    1. Enhanced bass response.
    2. Enhanced Clarity
    3. Greater realism
  2. Better response for asymmetrical loss.
    1. Improving the balance and overall experience for your client.
  1. Added the option for a volume limiter (85dBA)
    1. In our commitment to being the Healthy Headphones you have an additional tool to ensure a safe listening experience without sacrificing sound quality. Great for you paediatric clients!
  1. Simple text input of existing hearing data to build the Audeara hearing profile.
    1. The user data can be visualised in a graph format to get an additional layer of confirmation prior to programming the headphones.
  2. Ability to edit hearing profiles.
    1. If the need arises to alter the hearing profile for your client, the AudAssist app can be used to quickly edit the relevant frequencies and reprogram the headphones. 

If you are an Audiologist, our AudAssist app is under phased release* with iOS and is available to individual clinicians and client assistants upon request. Email for access. 

*Under the current closed release, your iTunes log in for use in Test Flight is required.