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Boardroom basics: Insider strategies to get your idea across the line

by Georgia Lester • September 13, 2021

University of Queensland alumni Dr James Fielding was recently asked to contribute his expertise to Momentum: UQ’s business school magazine. Read the full article here: Boardroom Basics: 6 Insider strategies to get your idea across the line!


Stapes – the coolest bone in the human body

by Georgia Lester • August 24, 2021

Did you know the adult human has over 206 bones in their body? Of these, the smallest and lightest is the stapes. The stapes is one of three tiny bones that make up the ‘ossicles’ in the middle ear.  These tiny bones are the first in our body to harden and are fully developed by […]

Healthy hearing in the office

9 ways to make your workplace Hearing Healthy

by Georgia Lester • August 6, 2021

Modern offices can be terrible places to work. In the wake of Covid-19 and the new ‘normal’ of social distancing, employers are leaning further toward larger, open plan office space.  At work and home, when a hearing loss or background noise is present, our brain needs to work harder to separate the two and determine […]

NAIDOC Week 2021

by Georgia Lester • July 7, 2021

A celebration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, their culture, history and achievement, NAIDOC Week is held annually in July. This year, from Sunday 4th July to Sunday 11th July. It is an opportunity to check in with and support your local community, participate in a range of activities and connect with Australians from […]

Audeara x ShareCafe Webinar

by Georgia Lester • June 22, 2021

Dr James Fielding, CEO and founder was fortunate to present at the ShareCafe Hidden Gems Webinar earlier this month. Check out his presentation below!

Audeara x UQ Ventures

by Georgia Lester • June 10, 2021

“Med-tech company and University of Queensland (UQ) Ventures ilab Accelerator startup Audeara was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (AUA:ASX) earlier this month, yet another success story to come out of the ilab Accelerator program. UQ alumni and Audeara CEO Dr James Fielding said the team developed their first prototype through Ventures ilab accelerator program in 2015, through which they […]

Sunday Feature! Fear and Greed Podcast

by Georgia Lester • May 24, 2021

CEO James was fortunate to speak with host Adam Lang for an episode of his Fear and Greed podcast this week. James shares our startup and IPO story, and where we intend to take our incredible healthy-headphone technology. Listen to this weeks Sunday feature here! or on your preferred podcast platform!

AUA on the ASX!

by Georgia Lester • May 19, 2021

Audeara are now a publicly listed company, available for trade on the ASX! Company code: AUA Congratulations to founders CEO James Fielding and CTO Alex Afflick for all of their hard work. A huge thank you to our brokers Morgans Financial Limited, lawyers Colin Biggers & Paisley, past and present team members, families and friends. Most of […]

Audeara in the AFR!

by Georgia Lester • May 11, 2021

Check out our CEO Dr James Fielding and CTO Alex Afflick in the Australian Financial Review this week! Article by John Davidson. Published in the Australian Financial Review Monday May 10th 2021. The biggest risk faced by investors in Audeara’s ASX listing this month is that a consumer electronics “monster” like Apple might one day […]

Winter is coming… Why our ears ache in the cold

by Georgia Lester • May 10, 2021

With a recent drop in temperature and cold weather setting in (by Queensland standards at least!), the hot topic of conversation in the office this week (inspired by 2 days of sub-20 degree temperatures) is why our ears ache when it is cold.  So to start, what is an ear ache? Otalgia, ear pain or […]