Audeara is honoured to receive the top prize for Hearing Technology Innovator in the category of Personal Listening Devices for our A-01 Headphones. 

The annual awards facilitated by Hearing Health & Technology Matters (HHTM) recognises technological innovation and achievement in the hearing industry. This years award program saw dozens of unique technologies from across the globe. Audeara was up against some major players like Roger On, Olive Pro and Voice Selector Converse.

Personal Listening Devices encompass a broad range of non-prescriptive technologies designed to amplify sounds for people with hearing loss. These include personal amplifiers, hearables and other wearable listening systems (such as FM, etc). 

Commenting on the award, Audeara’s CEO Dr James Fielding said,

“We’re thrilled and humbled to be receiving the Innovator Award. It’s been a great journey for Audeara and we’re proud to be recognised. We couldn’t do what we do without the support of our incredible hearing health partners”.

Audeara A01 Headphones

The Audeara story

Six years ago, co-founders Dr James Fielding, Dr Chris Jeffrey and engineer Alex Afflick developed a solution to solve the problem of hearing test accessibility. The original idea for Audeara’s A-01 was a ‘hearing test in a headphone’. This was then expanded to use the hearing test results to tailor the way music and TV sounds to the listener.

Everyone hears differently and the left ear hears differently to the right. Using a proprietary algorithm, Audeara headphones personalise their sound to meet the needs and hearing capabilities of the listener. The Audeara app measures these differences and adjusts specific sounds where needed. The outcome is hi-fidelity, tailored sound, balanced perfectly between the ears. Profiles are saved in the app and applied to the headphones, providing a personalised sound experience on any device. 

Personalisation can be completed on the Audeara consumer app or the newly released AudAssist companion app for audiologists. AudAssist allows direct entry of hearing thresholds, making the A-01’s a popular option for clinicians.

Following a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign raising close to $500,000 in 2017, Audeara is now listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX:AUA).  Returning to their health origins and focussing on those who get the greatest benefit from tailored sound, Audeara now focuses on supporting audiology clinics, who are the first port of call for those with a hearing loss.

Who is Audeara for?

While Audeara’s products are largely marketed to people who have hearing loss and are looking for a better sound experience, their personalised headphones are for anyone, anywhere who prefers a personalised listening experience.  

After the company’s first agreement with Hearing Australia (the government body for audiology services in Australia) in late 2018, most of Audeara’s wearers in Australia are funded through the Department of Veterans Affairs, National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) or Hearing Services Program. The headphones  are widely available in over 750 Australian audiology clinics with a growing base in the USA through partners Westone and Oaktree Products

Audeara also works closely with occupational therapists and speech pathologists, to support NDIS participants. These include young people with Autism, anxiety, attention or sensory challenges who require the A-01’s over-ear design and Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). 

The synchrony between Audeara’s audiology and allied health stockists and their unique tailored headphone has furthered the company’s original hearing health message. By tailoring the sound to an individual’s hearing profile, the listener can enjoy their music or television at a safer listening volume. 

Other features including direct bluetooth connectivity, remote-answering capacity and in-built microphone have made the A-01 hugely popular during periods of remote working and education over the last 18 months. The addition of Audeara’s Bluetooth TV Transceiver (BT-01) forms the Audeara Bundle, and meets the full spectrum of needs for wearers of all ages.

More information

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The Hearing Technology Innovator Awards™ are a trademark of Hearing Health & Technology Matters and is an international awards program designed to recognise and celebrate innovation within the hearing industry.