Audeara is pleased to announce a new corporate partnership with NextSense. This not-for-profit provides dedicated, innovative, and customised services aimed at breaking down barriers for children, adults and families of people with hearing or vision loss.

Announcing the news today with NextSense Chief Executive Chris Rehn, Audeara CEO Dr James Fielding said the two organisations shared a desire to help people reach their personal potential.

“Audeara and NextSense have a shared commitment to helping those with hearing loss have a better quality of life. Audeara’s vision is a world where all people use a personalised sound experience to enhance their quality of life. We’re passionate about listening equity and supporting hearing health, and are thrilled to be partnering with NextSense,” James said.

NextSense has been making a difference in the lives of people with hearing and vision loss since Thomas Pattison opened the very first school for deaf children in Sydney in 1860.

“At NextSense – we are all about personalised care that is tailor-made to help our clients reach their own unique goals. We know Audeara values this too, working to help people embrace assistive technology to get the most from their lives and understand their own hearing journey,” Chris said. 

The partnership will support NextSense’s work with children and adults who experience hearing loss, through services including education, cochlear implant, allied health, therapy, research and clinical services to children, adults and their families across the country.

Find out how you can get involved and support NextSense.

“We’re looking forward to working together and supporting people with hearing loss so they can enjoy the things that matter, like connecting with loved ones, enjoying the latest episode or listening to their favourite song. 

Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed, and together we can make that possible,” James said.

Learn more about the NextSense Audeara partnership.