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The world's first full fidelity headphones. Designed by doctors and engineers to deliver your perfect sound, always.

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Australian Overall Winner 2018
Shenzhen Innovation and Entrepreneurship International Competition

We've all got a degree of hearing loss



Every person hears differently, and your left ear hears differently to your right. Using the Audeara app, we chart these differences so you can visualise and track your unique hearing profile as it changes over time.


Your hearing profile is programmed into your Audeara headphones, which learn how to tailor the music to meet your individual needs. Enhance your experience through precision, not volume, to look after your hearing for life.


Find new parts in your favorite song. Hear notes you didn’t know were missing. We put the user at the heart of the music experience by focusing on what really matters – what you can hear.

A-01 Headphones

Audeara headphones measure your hearing to tailor the sound perfectly for you.

With active noise cancelling, Bluetooth connectivity, and up to 65 hours battery life, the Audeara A-01 headphones give you everything a headphone should - plus more. Our innovative technology tests your hearing and personalises your favourite music perfectly for you, enhancing your experience through clarity, not volume. Try the Audeara experience for yourself today.*

40mm Mylar drivers

Frequency response
20Hz - 22kHz

Audio impedance
32 Ohm

Micro USB

Operation range

Wired connection
3.5mm jack

Listening Time

Flight mode
(ANC + Line in): 65 hours

Regular mode
(ANC + Bluetooth + Audeara effect): 35 hours

Eco mode
(Bluetooth + Audeara effect): 45 hours

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What's in the box?

  • Audeara A-01 Premium Headphones
  • Audeara Durable Carry-case
  • Audeara Setup Guide
  • Audeara Cable Bag


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